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“When there is harmony between the mind, heart, and resolution then nothing is impossible.
- Rig Veda

Reyna Fisher, Ataraxia
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Be at peace and guide your business in the direction of your dreams.
Individualized Consulting for Small Businesses
  • Get clear on the direction of your business. 

  • (Re-) Discover your values.

  • Align your core processes with the vision and values.

  • Create client-centered practices.

  • Automate for efficiency.

  • Develop your leadership team.

  • Build teams and cultivate positive workplace culture.




Client Relations Management

Empathy is at the core of relationships. A great leader must be compassionate. Further, a successful business must have satisfied, happy clients and employees. Using humanistic and positive psychology principles, I help businesses create and implement strategies and processes to improve client satisfaction, employee training and management, and workplace culture.  I consult with leaders and teams to set goals, resolve issues, and enhance key performance metrics. 

Administrative Management

I help businesses with automation and strength-based delegation of administrative tasks - from managing calendars, event planning, paperwork, hiring, documenting and improving processes, data collecting and reporting, and the organizing of files. I help business owners and their leadership team create standard operating procedures for their administrative team to follow and implement, so that management can focus on leading, innovating, and strategizing. I also help the leadership team learn how to empower the administrative team to take ownership of their work and provide feedback leading to the leveling-up of all team members.

Reyna Fisher, Project Ataraxia, Business Consulting

Client Reviews

I cannot say enough about Reyna Fisher! As someone who’s worked closely with Reyna for years, I’ve had a front row seat to observe just how impressive and effective she is. I know I can depend on Reyna for projects that demand the highest level of trust, care, work ethic, and resourcefulness. She’s adored and appreciated by our clients as well as her teammates. For these reasons and tons more, Reyna is a powerful and positive asset to have on your side!

Indie Law, LLC

Reyna's a superstar...what first distinguished her in my mind from other candidates was how proactively and enthusiastically she got back to us with an initial assessment. That same positive attitude translated to some really great work. She's a quick learner and highly recommended for any team!

Farver Solutions

Reyna first supported Westland as a Student Researcher in Fall 2018 and she formally joined Westland’s team as our Administrative Assistant in Fall 2019. She is a whiz at all things online and we are lucky to have her.

Westland Academy of Clinical Sex Therapy

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"Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity."
- Albert Einstein

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